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fits between your standard charging brick and USB charging cable 

work together to

increase the lifespan of your battery by up to 2x

an app on your phone


a physical device


No more low-battery anxiety

No more wasting your money on a new phone

No more waiting for your phone to charge up​


too hot to handle, literally


Ever wonder why your phone dies quicker just a few months after you buy it?

The more you charge your phone, the weaker its battery becomes.


You might’ve felt your phone getting hot while charging at some point. Charging your phone overnight or using fast chargers causes your battery to reach temperatures upwards of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which destroys your battery over time.

Designed to fit in with your normal overnight charging habits, the Canal Battery Guard uses an experimentally proven charging algorithm that gives your battery rest periods to minimize overheating - the crucial factor in battery degradation.

The battery guard fits between your standard charging brick and USB charging cable, and communicates with an app on your phone. Simply connect via bluetooth and set the time you’ll be waking up in the morning, and the Battery Guard will do the rest.

Testing has shown the Battery Guard can cut battery decay by up to 50%, effectively doubling the lifespan of your phone.

Frequently asked questions

When can I get mine?

Our Kickstarter campaign is launching on November 17! The Battery Guard will be available for pre-order for $15 if you get there for the Early Bird Special, and $19 after that. This pricing is exclusive to Kickstarter as the MSRP is $29, so get it while you can!

Does this prevent the battery from overheating or overcharging?

The Canal Battery Guard extends your battery life by preventing overheating, which is the main reason batteries degrade. It does so by giving your battery rest periods while it’s charging overnight so it can cool down, rather than charge continuously and heat up. The Battery Guard also reduces the time your battery spends at higher capacities, which is another cause of battery degradation. There is a misconception that overcharging (i.e. leaving the phone on the charger past 100%) causes the battery to degrade. This a myth; phones are smart enough to stop charging at 100%.

Will this affect my charging routine?

The Canal Battery Guard is unique because it is designed to be used when charging overnight, which is when most of us charge our phones.

Is the Battery Guard compatible with all chargers?

Currently, the Battery Guard comes with both a USB-A and USB-C chargers, which are the most common types.


Latest news

December 15, 2020

Young Entrepreneur: Pitt trio develop smartphone battery charging device


"During their freshman years at the University of Pittsburgh, Mohamed MorsyNick Kshatri and Matt Rosenblatt took a course together called “The Art of Making.” 

As the end of the semester rolled around, the three teamed up to complete the course’s final project. While working on that assignment, they came up with the idea for what would become Canal Electronics and knew they would soon transition from peers to co-founders. 

Canal Electronics created a physical device and app that allows consumers to use “interval charging” to more effectively charge their smartphones."

Read the rest here!


meet the team

Mohamed morsy



Mohamed is the man behind the idea of the Battery Guard, and leads product development from start to finish. With an electrical engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a passion for smartphone technology, he knows a thing or two about batteries.

matt rosenblatt



Matt makes sure our IP stays protected, and assists with IT support. When he's not working for Canal, he's also busy pursuing his PhD in Bioengineering from Yale. Considered a jack-of-all-trades, he's helped with every step of the journey.

Nick kshatri



Nick is our head of marketing and outreach. He's currently finishing up his bioengineering degree from Pitt, but his passion lies with designing and getting products out to the people who need them. No one wants to see a Battery Guard in everyone's hands more than him.

yusuf awad

Software & App development

The newest member of the Canal team, Yusuf is an expert on all things software. He is currently pursuing a master's in machine learning. He's in charge of app development and software engineering.